LDD 1800 Series

A New Era in High Performance Actuation

LiveDrive Direct Drive Actuator is a high torque, compact direct drive solution designed for robots and machines in the food, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and electronics industries.

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Direct Drive Actuator

The LiveDrive LDD actuator is a high torque, compact, direct drive solution designed for robots and machines in the food, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and electronics industries. With no need for gears, belts, or lubrication, LiveDrive actuators dramatically simplify the drivetrain, delivering increased performance and lower total cost of ownership. LiveDrive LDD actuators redefine the standard of cleanliness, simplicity and productivity for high throughput machines.

Product Features

  • 100 Nm peak torque capability
  • IP67 Raintight housing
  • 4 Feedback options
  • One cable technology (with Hiperface® DSL)
  • Integrated holding brake
  • UL Registered
  • Custom features for many applications

High Torque

High torque density removes the need for a gearbox


Compact form factor reduces machine footprint

Low Inertia

Increases acceleration and stopping time for higher productivity and safety.

Maintenance Free

Design reduces total cost of ownership

High Precision

Zero backlash and high precision absolute encoder feedback, supporting Hiperface®, Hiperface DSL®, Endat 2.2 and BiSS-C® protocols

LiveDrive Design

Robust and innovative design simplifies machine operation and maintenance

This is the missing link in our project, this is a game changer.

Frank Souyris, General Manager,
Demaurex SA

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Higher Value

Use the LiveDrive advantage to create a unique direct-drive system that is cleaner, simpler and more valuable to your customers.

Icon for compact footprint

Compact Footprint

Implement systems with less floorspace and drive more value from your machinery.

Icon for faster machine assembly

Faster Machine Assembly

Manage fewer components in the supply chain and build robots faster.

Icon for increased throughput

Direct drive safety

Create direct drive systems with lower inertia and fast stopping times to maximize safety and productivity. Control system safety to meet ISO 15066 for collaborative robots.

For Robot Manufacturers and System Integrators

Increase sales and create more value for customers.

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For End Users

Higher productivity, lower total cost of ownership.

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Icon for No Product Contamination

No Product Contamination

Protect valuable product from contamination with no need for additional sealing.

Icon for high precision

High Precision

Improve accuracy and repeatability, fully eliminating backlash inherent in any geared drivetrain.

Icon for maintenance free

Maintenance Free

No maintenance of the Actuator required and no stock of gear components and oil, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Icon for Higher Reliability and Reduced Downtime

Higher Reliability and Reduced Downtime

No downtime due to gear replacement or performance loss over time. LiveDrive Actuators have high reliability, increasing the mean time before failure (MTBF) of the system and keeping production lines running.


LiveDrive Redefines the Standard for Cleanliness, Simplicity and Productivity

Many machines today are powered by servo Actuators or systems of belts and pulleys. Gearboxes are large, heavy, and filled with oil, while belts and pulley systems take up space, wear over time, and are difficult to mount. LiveDrive LDD actuators simplify the drivetrain of any machine and deliver higher productivity.

High Torque Density – More Compact

Rated Torque to Mass (N·m/kg)

Lower Inertia – Higher Acceleration

Rated Torque to Inertia (N·m/kgm2)


Delta Robots

The worlds first and only direct drive Actuator designed for delta robots. The LiveDrive LDD series is redefining the standard for cleanliness, simplicity and productivity of delta robots.

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Precision Indexing

Simplify, increase precision, and reduce the footprint of indexing drivetrains by eliminating common inline or right angle gearboxes. Suitable for high precision and fast cycle times.

In Development

Machine Automation

Eliminate gear backlash, lubrication and maintenance for in-process positioning equipment. Clean, precise, maintenance free positioning.

In Development

Custom Solutions

Have another application for LiveDrive? Let us help you develop an innovative direct drive solution for your project.

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    Consumer Packaged Goods

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    Custom Solutions


What is the LiveDrive? How is it different from other servo motors?

LiveDrive is a high torque density, direct drive actuator for robotics and automation machinery. As a direct drive actuator, loads can be directly coupled to the output of the actuator without additional transmission components (ie. belts or gears). Additionally, LiveDrive actuators are designed for applications where dynamic operation and positioning is required. In technical terms, a LiveDrive actuator is a brushless, permanent magnet, 3 phase synchronous motor. Compared with other servo motor technology, Live Drive technology delivers much higher torque at comparatively lower speed and therefore is best suited to these types of applications.

In what applications are LiveDrive direct drive actuators used?

LiveDrive direct drive actuators can serve most DDR (direct drive rotary) applications with a lower volume and mass footprint than competing DDR motors. Examples include actuation in delta or SCARA robots, packaging machines, indexing or high speed positioning. With high torque and a compact form factor, LiveDrive actuators create new design possibilities for simple, compact and powerful machines

Are there frameless models of LiveDrive?

LiveDrive actuators can be configured as frameless motors as an engineered solution. Please contact Genesis for more details at

Can a LiveDrive be used instead of a servo motor + gearbox combination?

Yes, using a LiveDrive direct drive actuator instead of a geared servo motor can deliver the following advantages:

  • Elimination of gears, belts, pulleys to simplify the machine, reduce maintenance, increase stiffness and eliminate backlash and lost motion
  • Elimination of oil or grease lubrication common in geared transmissions to create a oil-free machine
  • Reduce the size of machines with a more compact LiveDrive actuator
  • Sense the external environment more easily through direct drive operation without additional sensors to create safer, more adaptable machines

When considering a LiveDrive actuator for the application, it is important to consider the following:

  • Ensure the servo drive is compatible with the LiveDrive actuator and sized appropriately for the application.
  • Determine the encoder resolution required when using a direct drive actuator?
  • Ensure sufficient holding torque is provided by the LiveDrive actuator brake, where holding in a power-off condition may have previously been accomplished with a gearbox.

Please contact Genesis for support in selecting a LiveDrive for your application at

Does LiveDrive operate with typical industry servo drives?

Yes, LiveDrive can operate with typical industry servo drives in most cases. There are some important factors to consider when determining the compatibility of a drive with the LiveDrive actuator. These include but are not limited to: continuous and peak current, bus voltage, PWM frequency, encoder feedback and digital nameplate information written on the encoder or drive which may be required to recognize and operate the LiveDrive actuator when connected to the drive. Check the following items or contact Genesis for additional support:

  • Is the drive a 3-phase drive for a PM brushless synchronous motor?
  • Can the drive supply sufficient peak/continuous current?
  • Does the drive voltage match the motor’s voltage?
  • Does the drive have at least 8kHz switching PWM frequency? Better quality of motion can be achieved at frequencies of 8kHz or higher.
  • Can the drive accept the encoder protocol and resolution?
  • Can the drive read the coil temperature sensors from the LiveDrive actuator?
How can I find more information about LiveDrive?

Please contact Genesis to learn more about LiveDrive products and our capability to create engineered solutions for unique applications. Email


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Genesis Delta Robot Application Brochure

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LDD 1800 Series Brochure

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LDD 1840 User Manual

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LDD 1840 Data Sheet

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LDD 1800 Series Data Sheet - Preliminary

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LDD 1840 CAD

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